Forest Path
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Space for Self is a practice where eastern and western modalities of healing meet to help you on the journey to self-discovery, overcoming blocks and transmuting your trauma into positive practices and rituals.

You have been a slave to the noise of others for too long…

It is time to Empower Yourself

Your Personal Guidance System knows your way forward.

"The Known Way Is Not The Only Way"

Lao Tzu

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Maridi Jooste is an Existential Self-Development Coach and founder of Space for Self-Coaching. She is passionate about “waking people up” from indoctrinations and facilitating her clients to live their lives to the fullest. In addition to obtaining a post graduate degree in Psychology and completing the MPhil in Management Coaching, Maridi has studied various holistic... 

In my practice I lean on various techniques which I've studied and trained in over the years. Each client is different and so each journey with a client may include any number of the techniques.

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“Maridi's workshops is something I will treasure for a lifetime, I will put it in use, which I have from the first session. I started when I was going through a lot in my life, but after a few sessions I've become a different person in a good way. I can say with confidence that after this workshop I am ready to take on the next chapter in my life."