Forest Path

1-On-1 Coaching

Individual sessions consists of personal focus on any topic the client would like to explore and find guidance or healing on. Mostly we do inner parts work exploring the various aspects of self that might be in conflict including healing soul wounds and inner child work in order to provide “self-love/acceptance/empowerment”. When you are whole as a person, you can attract the relationships and inter-dynamics you long for with others.


" Life can be hard, walking around with inner battles, especially  battles with strange feelings and desires that nobody is aware of.


Our worst judge is always ourselves !


Life Coach Maridi Jooste sessions changed my life, every session she compassionately listens and her words of wisdom stays with you and changes your inner man.This journey with Maridi Jooste taught me to step aside from myself and to really love myself. We can only love somebody as you love yourself got a new meaning in my life. Feels good to smile back at myself and the world and to have inner peace. Thank you Maridi Jooste."

Mr. H