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About Me

Everything is connected…

It is hard to find a practitioner today that can actually heal you, aside from a quick fix to the symptom, cookie-cutter prescriptions and diagnosis, suppressing the illness, with people being left unfulfilled. Valued knowledge obtained through science can take you far, however, there is much more, on a spiritual/soul level, that is being overlooked…



Through decades of seeing a therapist and obtaining post graduate level degrees in psychology myself, writing my thesis on Feminism psychology, I learned a lot in terms of attachment styles and boundaries. These were valuable insights applicable later when working with “self-love/integration/whole-ness” and also playing a role later working in the domestic violence sector. In spite of facilitating great growth, this has also kept me stuck in a constant over analysing of my position.



Choosing a masters in Management Coaching at the business school I learned that you are only as big as you decide to be, anything can be done when you set your mind to it - mind over matter.   I knew that there are more to this story… I chose to write my thesis on alternative techniques used in coaching/healing and the value thereof.



Studying acting was a great lesson in how physical action and voicing yourself can also convince your mind of self-empowerment. I also obtained great teachers in Kundalini Yoga (training as a teacher) and Burlesque dancing. The first, teaching me the body-mind connection, how you can heal your mind through body work, and the other way around. The former’s lesson was more about embodiment and owning your space.



The part most neglected, the spiritual, however, is the leader of the rest. On a spiritual level there are soul contracts and decisions made that your rational mind is not aware of - even if you think yourself blue in the face. The only way true healing can take place, is through accessing this intuitive mind. This can be done through Kundalini Yoga, plant medicine and Systemic Constellations. Trained as a Systemic Constellations Facilitator, I mostly work with inner parts, healing intuitively on a soul level.

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“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.”