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Constellation Work:

Constellation sessions are facilitated in an interactive group dynamic. This method is preferred when healing family dynamics, inter generational and cultural systems. The group will then act as representatives to form a construct of the dynamics at hand. From here, healing dialogue can be facilitated. This work heals the system on a subconscious level and results often persist to showcase itself months and years afterwards.

For most of us our guidance comes from following expert advice. We gather this factual information with our thinking minds. This is, however, not the only tool for information gathering. Our intuitive minds are able to access all information.


Originating fromFamily Systemic Therapy, African Shamanism and Existential Phenomena, constellation work forms part of the family of storytelling, visualisation and metaphor while creating

a structure representing another reality.


The systemic technique can be applied to all relational dynamics. It is used as a way to provide value and make sense of situations.

What is Constellation Work?

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